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Jonathan Machules, Technology Director On a recent project I was heavily involved in the requirements phase of SOA/BPM/BAM project. Requirements elicitation in its own right can be a challenge. On large projects with large teams and un-clear methodologies, approaches and tools/technologies, the issue is exacerbated. Now throw in this whole BAM concept and things really get confusing.... + continue reading
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In the previous entry, we discussed how IBM Worklight addresses each of the 3 capabilities needed to achieve efficiencies for business process, namely: Send prompt notifications as a process waits for decision Connect to processes on the move Access the decision data in a secure disconnected mode for review and approval In this third and final entry, I will showcase a real... + continue reading
The main theme of Lotusphere 2012 is ‘Social, Mobile and Cloud’. I would like to use the acronym MoSCo for the same. 2011 represented a key year in terms of a key shift from PC to Mobile world i.e. the year in which Smartphones and tablets will out ship PCs for the first ever time. Consumers no longer use Desktop as the sole channel to access to Web and this opens a window of... + continue reading
Sanju Varghese |
This article is the third and last part of the article which explains details of integrating websphere portal with connections using web app integrator portlet and connections portlets. In the first two parts we saw details of integrating portal with connections using web app integrator portlet.This part explains details of integrating WebSphere Portal with connections using IBM connections... + continue reading