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IBM Cloud Private

Is the Cloud Working for You?

No matter where an enterprise is in its cloud journey, there are always questions that must be addressed. Organizations who have yet to embrace containers, microservices, and cloud platforms are often concerned about security, control, and application readiness.

Those that have integrated these technologies into their businesses must find controllable ways to scale to meet demand. Advanced multi-cloud adopters seek additional bandwidth and toolchain efficiencies to keep up with demand and effectively manage their complex environments.

The Promise of a Cloud-Enabled Business

Cloud computing is a powerful tool that enhances business across your organization. It brings value to your business with agility, portability, choice, speed, and cost savings. From more efficient prototyping to better supporting strategic change, you can make your business more responsive and proactive while keeping infrastructure costs in check and bringing solutions to market more quickly.

To maximize these benefits, enterprises need a Hybrid Cloud approach that fits within their business strategy and can evolve as their cloud strategy evolves - without compromising on security or regulatory concerns.


Contact Prolifics to discuss how our approach to IBM Cloud Private can help you create a unified cloud platform.

Succeed with Prolifics’ Cloud Expertise

While the cloud and container architectures present an opportunity for a large return on investment, your business needs guidance from an expert to find success. Prolifics can help you understand and master these technologies to harness a whole new way of delivering and operating solutions.

We have a proven track record of successful deliveries and deep expertise in the cloud. We offer:

  • Consulting expertise across cloud infrastructure, integration, resource utilization, data considerations, and security, as well as application evaluation and refactoring for cloud and container readiness.
  • Streamlined DevOps and deployment accelerators, including the Prolifics Build Conductor, One-Click Ready-2-Run, Effecta, and Global Transaction Monitoring.
  • IBM Cloud Private, providing secured control across multi-cloud platforms.

Our experts guide your business throughout its cloud journey, from initial discovery through design, and installation to ensure the solution is helping you meet your goals. Our services include:

  • Application Readiness Assessment. We quickly assess your applications for readiness to move to a container platform and help you plan the migration.
  • Application Migration Assistance. We assist with the migration and refactoring of applications to leverage container and microservices architecture.
  • Rapidly Deploying New Functionality. We leverage container-ready functionality for IBM’s most popular products.
  • Establishing a Scalable, Secured Multi-Cloud Platform. We quickly deploy a unique platform that enables a private cloud and unified, secured management across multiple public cloud vendors.